Visual Chap is a WordPress Plugin which treats your readers by providing a unique experience  for your content

A quick, animated, graphical, Wikipedia-powered search for everything you write… or just specific words


Visual Chap places its discreet icon on the side of your self-hosted WordPress posts content, following any scroll of your visitor’s window: tapping the icon opens a panel and the words in that content will become click-able, picture-focused Wikipedia searches.
It is also always possible to trigger the search by selecting ( or ‘highlighting’) text: single words and phrases.


*   _Y_Power’s FlexSearch algorithm
*   words filter
*   animated UI
*   top margin adjustment
*   colors customization
*   GNU GPL version 3

Wikipedia® and the Wikipedia logos are registered trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation.


Visual Chap 1.0.3 adds multi-language support

International friends, the day has arrived! We’ve packaged a nice little update: Visual Chap now automatically detects the site’s language and adapts its searches for that specific Wikipedia domain: results may vary quite a bit accordingly to the local servers structure and completeness. We only test on English, French, Spanish, German and Italian Wikipedia API’s …


Suggestions or comments? We welcome both.

For support: please post your questions in the main Visual Chap WordPress support page, so other users will benefit from them in the future.