• Will it work with my theme?

Visual Chap works on most themes and I try to keep it compatible with every major theme but there are exceptions (most noticeably ‘Twenty Fifteen) and there might be minor differences among them.

  • How about mobile devices?

Visual Chap will **NOT** be displayed on smaller devices, at the moment: development for these is ongoing.

  • How about i18(internationalization)?

Visual Chap is only been tested on English, French, Italian, Spanish and German Wikipedia API servers, at the moment.
However, it is already translatable (you can translate it in your language by using the easy WordPress translating tool) and it might work well in your website language out-of-the-box: Visual Chap will automatically detect the html page language. I’d love to make a fine search available in other languages as well (I’m a polyglot myself) but that would require a specific search algorithm for each domain, which could be done, with some help from other developers, just by substituting the search function in the main javascript object. Please get in touch if you’d like to help out with that.

  • Why doesn’t it work on all my content?

Visual Chap will be **ONLY ACTIVE IN ‘EMPTY’ PARAGRAPHS** – which means it will bypass a particular paragraph if it finds there are already links in it.