Visual Chap 1.0.3 adds multi-language support

International friends, the day has arrived!

We’ve packaged a nice little update: Visual Chap now automatically detects the site’s language and adapts its searches for that specific Wikipedia domain: results may vary quite a bit accordingly to the local servers structure and completeness.

We only test on English, French, Spanish, German and Italian Wikipedia API’s at the moment: please submit a ticket in the support forum if you find issues in your language.


Visual Chap available on WordPress!

It couldn’t have been quicker…

WordPress has kindly accepted Visual Chap in their official repository: everything is setup and you can now find links to Download and Support in the main menu. Version 1.0.2 is the official release, do not download previous versions.

As usual, has been AMAZING at support and politeness: I wish commercial companies could reach half of their level. Kudos to Otto and all the others in the community for the great work they do, I have something new to write on my blog from the experience!


Visual Chap submitted!

Visual Chap has been submitted for review and, once it will have passed all the tests, will be available in the WordPress Plugins repository.

You can now find the master repository here.